Bachelor's Degree in Business Management

Number of credits: 120

Duration: 4 years

This program is designed to provide the student with the general knowledge and essential skills in the field of business management.

The program includes required courses in financial accounting, business law, financial resource management, entrepreneurship, marketing and organizational leadership.

Program: Business Management (License) – 120 Credits The objective of the Business Management degree is to train specialists in the following areas:

  • Human resources management.
  • Management of small and medium enterprises.
  • Leadership in the workplace.

This management training provides students with the tools they need to undertake a rewarding career.

The student completes his or her training with a project or internship in a company that allows him or her to apply the knowledge acquired and attests to the achievement of the program’s objectives.


Course Code Credits Prerequisite
English I/LAB ANG101 3 Entrance Examination
French I (Grammar Basics) FRA101 3 Entrance Examination
Christian Apologetics I PHI103 3 Entrance Examination
College Algebra I & II MAT102.1 3 Entrance Examination
Work Organization Method, Intellectual (WOMI) EDU111 3 Entrance Examination
Introduction to Computing INF101 3 Entrance Examination
Calculus I MAT106 3 College Algebra I & II
English II/LAB ANG102 3 English I
Apologetics II PHI104 3 Apologetics I
French II (Comprehension and Text Production) FRA102 3 French I
Introduction to Management GES100 3 Entrance Examination
Introduction to Accounting CPT100 3 Entrance Examination
Financial Accounting I CPT101 3 Entrance Examination
Labor Law GES105 3 Entrance Examination
Statistics I MAT103 3 College Algebra I & II
Financial Mathematics GES103 3 College Algebra I & II
Marketing I MKT101 3 Introduction to management
Entrepreneurs Business Start-up - C GES102.3 3 None
Organizational Leadership - C GES106 3 None
Financial Accounting II CPT102 3 Financial Accounting I
Marketing II - C MKT102 3 Marketing I
Management Accounting I CPT105 3 Financial Accounting II
Microeconomics - C ECO103 3 Entrance Examination
Intermediate Accounting I CPT103 3 Financial Accounting II
Taxation I CPT107 3 Financial Accounting II
Auditing I GES215 3 Financial Accounting II
Management Accounting II CPT106 3 Management Accounting I
Business and Personal Finance GES103.1 3 Financial Mathematics
Auditing II GES216 3 Auditing I
Accounting Information Systems CPT110 3 Financial Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II CPT104 3 Intermediate Accounting I
Taxation II CPT108 3 Taxation I
Professional Ethics/IFRS Standards GES112 3 Entrance Examination
Accounting Theory CPT200 3 Intermediate Accounting I
Specialized Accounting I CPT400 3 Intermediate Accounting I
Reseach Methodology (Survey Techniques) EDU110 3 Work Organization Method, Intellectual (WOMI)
General Company Policy GES200 3 Marketing I
Financial Accounting: Specialized Topics - C CPT210 3 Accounting Theory
Retirement And Succession Planning - C CPT115 3 Intermediate Accounting II
Specialized Accounting II CPT402 3 Specialized Accounting II
Financial Analysis CPT300 3 Specialized Accounting II
Practical Intership Report in Company or Final Project 0
Total Credits   120  
Seminar: Management Software/QuickBooks and Accpac CRITÈRES POUR OBTENIR LA LICENCE
Take the courses in bold.
C: Elective (All courses not marked with a C are mandatory) Complete a project or a final thesis.
Un minimum de 120 crédits est nécessaire pour la graduation.