Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Number of credits: 120

Duration: 4 years

The objective of the Diploma in Applied Computer Science is to train specialists capable of designing and implementing computer systems to meet the needs of organizations. The program is designed for people who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in the constantly evolving field of applied computer science.

The program includes mandatory courses on software analysis, design, validation and verification as well as project management in computer science. This basic training gives the student the modern tools required in software development.

Students complete their training with a project or internship/project that allows them to apply the knowledge they have acquired and demonstrates the achievement of the program objectives.


Course Code Credits Prerequisite
English I/LAB ANG101 3 Entrance Examination
French I FRA101 3 Entrance Examination
Apologetics I PHI103 3 Entrance Examination
College Algebra MAT101 3 Entrance Examination
Work Organization Method, Intellectual (WOMI) EDU111 3 Entrance Examination
Introduction to Computer INF101 3 Entrance Examination
Calculus I MAT106 3 College Algebra
English II/LAB ANG102 3 English I
Apologetics II PHI104 3 Apologetics I
French II FRA102 3 French I
Python Programming Language INF103 3 Entrance Examination
English III (Trinity) ANG103 3 English II
Web Development -Trinity INF109 3 Programming I
Python II INF104 3 Programming Python
Calculus II MAT107 3 Calculus I
French III -C FRA103 3 French II
Database INF106 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Statistics MAT103 3 College Algebra
Data Structures - Python - CS50 INF104 3 Python II
Java Programming Language INF103 3 Programming I
Boolean Algebra / Discrete Mathematics - C MAT110 /MAT104 3 College Algebra
Computer Hardware INF109 3 Entrance Examination
Linear AIgebra -C MAT105 3 Calculus I
C# Programming Language INF114 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Algorithms INF107 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Mobile App Development I INF105 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Accounting I / Micro or Macroeconomics / Other - C 3 Entrance Examination
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - CS50 - C INF320 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Software Development Planning INF206 3 Entrance Examination
Humanities or Other Elective Course - C 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Communication and Networking INF106 3 Dean's Program Authorization
Independent Project - C INF304 6
Mobile App Development II - C INF201 3 Programming II – Java/Python
C++ Programming Language INF214 3 Programmation C# I & II
Assembly Language - C INF301 3 Programmation C# I & II
Humanities or Other Elective Course 3 Entrance Examination
Cybersecurity or Other Computer Course INF300 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Machine Learning INF310 3 Programming II – Java/Python
Introduction to Operating Systems or Other Computer Course - C INF310 3 Dean's Program Authorization
Computer Graphics - C INF211 3 Dean's Program Authorization
Practical Work or Internship - C 0
Total Credits   120  
Seminar: Management Software/QuickBooks and Accpac Criteria for obtaining the Bachelor's Degree
Take the courses in bold.
NB: C: Elective (All courses not marked with a C are mandatory) Complete a project or a final thesis.
A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.