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Computer Sciences

The globalization of the economy and trade that began in the 1990s has accelerated the development of communication networks worldwide. This has led to a technological revolution that primarily relies on computer skills. According to experts’ predictions, computer science is expected to experience exponential growth in the years to come. This program aims to train qualified technical professionals capable of meeting global demand. It is understood that the EU primarily educates its students to help the country progress in the digital age.


Business Management

Economic operators and private sector organizations in the area seek to be supported by competent and dynamic professionals, technicians capable of providing valuable assistance in the daily management of their businesses. This program aims to train technical leaders and business administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of the job market in Haiti. Graduates will have the opportunity to start their own businesses.

Education Sciences

The Bachelor’s program in Education Sciences is designed for individuals who wish to acquire skills in the field of education. It is particularly aimed at those already working in the field who want to enhance their performance. The program aims to educate cultured and competent professionals capable of contributing to the improvement of teaching practices, especially through the diversification of teaching methods and techniques and the use of new information and communication technologies. It also aims to produce teacher-researchers capable of generating profound insights into education in Haiti and abroad.