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  • #10, Puits-Blain 12, Route de Frères

    Pétion-ville, Haïti

Our Goals

Through its various training programs, UEspoir aims to:

1. To inculcate values ​​of professional ethics in students through biblically inspired teachings;

2. To increase the supply of higher education through the online courses it offers and which it plans to intensify by the establishment, in the main regions of Haiti, of Distance Training Centers equipped with computing laboratories and high speed internet connection;

3. Provide quality training accessible to all through unbeatable fees and support program funded by local and international benefactors;

4. Offer training in both French and English to increase the level of global competitiveness of the professionals we produce;

5. To fight poverty in Haiti by producing a generation of entrepreneurs through its Entrepreneurship Incentive Program.


University offers students 2 modern computer labs containing 30 computers each.


The faculty staff combines more than 35 years of experience in secondary and university education.


Our goal is to democratize higher education in a country where about 65% of the workforce is unemployed.